A look at true connectivity in health care

Connected health careWhen doctors, nurses, specialists, pharmacists, and other providers are connected to the same electronic health record (EHR) system, your employees can expect better health outcomes.

Kaiser Permanente’s clinical teams have access to your employees’ complete EHR and can easily review past tests and treatments, quickly consult with the employees’ other care providers, and make well-informed treatment decisions. It gives providers the data they need to provide high-quality, consistent care.

Supporting preventive care

The EHR also makes it easy to address the needs of the whole person, not just their immediate health issue. For example, a physician who is seeing a patient for a persistent cough might be alerted to remind the patient to get a cholesterol check or a flu shot. A pharmacist checking a patient’s EHR for their allergies to medication will be able to mention that it’s time for an overdue cancer screening.

Empowering employees

An additional benefit of the EHR for your employees is that it allows them to manage their care from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can order prescription refills, check their immunization record, complete a health profile, and more. If they receive care at a Kaiser Permanente medical office, they’ll have access to additional online services, including emailing their care team, scheduling appointments, and viewing lab results and after-visit summaries.

Innovating for the future

Our electronic health record system makes it possible to continuously deliver high-quality care in new and more efficient ways. As telemedicine and mobile applications continue to grow, the need for connected health information will become even more important. We’re continually innovating with that in mind, so watch for more details in future articles.

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