Restaurateur and James Beard-award winning chef Thierry Rautureau— "The Chef in the Hat"—on the ingredients that make Group Health the right choice for his businesses.

A Recipe for Success

  • 2 cups local flavor
  • 1/2 tsp. preventive medicine
  • 1/2 pound affordability
  • A pinch of added value
  • 1 tbsp. responsibility


1. Source Local

"My first tendency is to look for local. Who is this company, what do they believe in? All those issues are very important. I use local ingredients in my cooking. It's the same thing." Group Health has been caring for the residents of Washington state since 1947 and is committed to improving the health of the communities we serve.


2. Consider Cost

"When you work between 3-5 percent of your net profit, you're not allowed to make big mistakes. Funding health insurance can be a challenge but I want to do it. I want it to be affordable for me to do it, and for my employees to be a part of it. Otherwise, we have no program. My broker made it feel like it wasn't an insurance thing we were doing, it was a business thing. And that made a big difference." Group Health's small business portfolio features choice-driven plans and value-driven plans, so there's access to affordable coverage options for small businesses of any size—from 1 to 50.


3. Think About the Greater Good

"It's very important to try to help provide the basics: You should have clothes, a roof over your head, food, and you should have medical assistance if you need it. It should not be a privilege to have insurance. Everyone should have insurance." Group Health's community engagement strategies are part of our social mission. The philanthropic arm of Group Health—the Group Health Foundation—develops and tests care innovations that directly and positively impact our members, and shares these broadly so the community benefits.


4. Put Health First

"Restaurants used to be big celebration places with lots of rich foods and sauces. Nowadays, people eat out more often so they just can't eat like that. I'm a strong believer in moderation, I'm a big believer in preventive medicine, and I strongly believe in maintenance. Group Health's focus on prevention is a big part of why we chose them."

Group Health emphasizes preventive care. We remind our members about well-care visits and we look at clinical research along with a member's personal health history to identify risks. This helps personalize and tailor our collaborative care approach.


5. Make Your Business More Attractive

"In Seattle, you compete with corporate giants so it's a plus to provide benefits. It gives employees peace of mind, which is why they stay longer."

Health care is an important employee benefit. Hear other small business owners talk about the value of Group Health coverage.


Let Us Help Your Employees, Too

With three successful restaurants since 1987, Chef Rautureau has had a lot of experience considering the importance of the right employee health plan. With Group Health, he sees a path to some very real and very personal benefits: healthier employees, better staff retention, and a dash of social justice.

Whatever your clients' business goals may be, we have a plan to help.