The Ultimate Camp Care Package

Camp Korey at Carnation Farm is a nonprofit organization that provides unique camp experiences to children with serious illnesses, serving more than 4,600 people per year. Camp Korey's various programs allow these children and their families to experience joy, growth, and healing—and the freedom to focus on something other than the serious illnesses they live with every day. Camp Corey has entrusted Group Health with the health care of its employees since 2008.

Camp Korey Chief Executive Officer Hillary Carey talks about the decision process that led her to Group Health—and the experiences that keep the relationship going:


Focusing on goals

"Camp Korey is a health-based organization so the well-being of our employees is critical to us. It's important to us to be thoughtful about our employees and their families, and about what kind of benefits we could offer our staff that reflect our mission and our values."


Finding Balance

"We're nonprofit so we're conscientious about donated dollars and mindful of how can we provide something that is of quality but also very cost conscious. A lot of times in the nonprofit world, you can save money but it's at the expense of the quality of the product. Group Health is affordable but it doesn't compromise on the care that our employees get. So it's a win-win. Group Health seemed like the best choice for us in 2008, and continues to be that today."


Choosing Wisely

"We considered other health care options but the compromises that we would have had to make were too significant for us and our employees. While we did consider other organizations, they never really held a candle to what we were able to achieve with Group Health. Nobody could offer the same kind of coverage at the cost that we were able to offer through Group Health."


Getting comfortable

"When we purchased the property, part of the agreement was that we would take on all of the existing employees. Their transition from a large corporation to a small nonprofit was pretty dramatic and they were nervous about giving up their existing benefits. Once people started experiencing Group Health—providers, specialists, even just calling Customer Service to get help—they were quick to realize that it was great in a way that their previous benefits weren't."


Experiencing a holistic approach

"Group Health really takes into consideration the whole person, so being able to get acupuncture or massage or things outside of the normal scope of typical insurance is really nice for our employees. Also, Group Health is always looking for the most efficient way to get somebody healthy. That certainly not only mirrors our organization but it's nice to experience on the user end because I don't necessarily want to go through a number of different tests if I don't have to. I like how Group Health's values can be seen on a number of different levels within the organization."

We can help
With its focus on health, Camp Korey knows all about quality health care and what it can mean to someone's life. After years of top-notch care and service, Group Health and Camp Korey are like-minded organizations who have found a good fit together. Whatever the goals for your business may be, we have a plan to help you achieve them.

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