Why care and coverage together?

When your doctors and health plan are all connected, health care works better. You get care that’s affordable and hassle-free, when and where you need it.

How we compare

Kaiser Permanente

Hassle-free and affordable


Our members can see their doctor, get a lab test or X-ray, and visit the pharmacy — all under one roof, in one visit — at many of our locations. That means less travel time, shorter wait times, and better coordination of your care.

Members can also email their doctor’s office with routine questions, get care and advice through care chat, check lab results, and order prescription refills — online or with a mobile app.* Our doctors are all connected to you — and each other — by one of the largest private electronic health record systems in the world.


Traditional Health Care

Complex and expensive


Traditional health care systems are outdated, and don’t acknowledge the way people live today. Waiting for appointments and getting bounced around between doctors, labs, X-ray centers, specialists, and pharmacies means it takes longer to get care. And extra expenses for transportation, babysitters, and parking can add up, too.

Then factor in understanding your costs for care. For many covered services you need to meet your deductible before your copay or coinsurance even kicks in.

*When you receive care at a Kaiser Permanente Medical Office.

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