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Your health care plan with Kaiser Permanente WA is a partnership in health. It connects you to a group of physicians, services, and tools that help you live your healthy best.PEBB employees can choose from 4 health plans. Kaiser Permanente WA Classic, Kaiser Permanente Value and the Kaiser Permanente WA Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) are available to residents in all counties we serve. The Kaiser Permanente SoundChoice(R) plan is available to residents in King, Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Snohomish, and Spokane counties.For retirees

Kaiser Permanente WA Classic plan

Kaiser Permanente WA Classic offers low copayments and low deductibles. The plan offers a wide array of benefits and care from our award-winning doctors through the Core network.

2019 Rate & Benefits


Kaiser Permanente WA Value plan

Kaiser Permanente WA Value plan continues to be a cost-effective option for PEBB members. Get all the same valuable services as the Classic plan, while spending less on your monthly premiums, and uses the same network of doctors on our Core network.

2019 Rate & Benefits


Kaiser Permanente WA Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA)

This plan allows you to set aside pre-tax money to help pay for qualified medical expenses, such as routine office visits or seeing a specialist. It's a savings account for health care. This is a plan with a low premium balanced with a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximum and access to the network of doctors on our Core network giving you flexibility to manage your health care expenses.

For more information on this Health Savings account, refer to our HSA and CDHP FAQ.

2019 Rate & Benefits


Kaiser Permanente WA SoundChoice plan

For residents in King, Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Snohomish and Spokane counties only. Note: Not all contracted providers in Spokane County are in the SoundChoice network. Please make sure your provider is in the network before you visit.

This plan boasts the lowest premiums of any plan offered by the PEBB Program (excluding CDHP options), access to excellent providers through the SoundChoice Provider Network with rich benefits.

With employee monthly premiums as low as $35 (subscriber only), low deductibles for both medical and drugs, plus a $0 copay for primary care, this plan is a great option for those interested in trying Kaiser Permanente WA.

2019 Rate & Benefits


Premium Surcharges

You (the subscriber) may be charged a monthly surcharge in addition to your premium:

Tobacco use premium surcharge (If you or a dependent age 13 or older on your PEBB medical coverage uses a tobacco product. To avoid a surcharge, adult smokers — age 18 and older — can enroll in the Quit for Life Program. Younger users between 13-17 are considered enrolled in a tobacco cessation program if they access information and resources at

Spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge (If your spouse or state-registered domestic partner is enrolled on your PEBB medical coverage)

1Washington Permanente Medical Group personnel records, January 2018
2OIC Provider Form A
3Prescriptions from online visits must be filled at Kaiser Permanente Washington medical offices or mail order service.Note: School district and employer group employees need to contact their personnel, payroll, or benefits office regarding 2019 rates.All plans offered and underwritten by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of WashingtonPEBB Service Area Map

Dedicated Member Services for PEBB Members


Speak with a representative Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 6 pm.

For Medicare Questions

If you are interested in a Medicare Advantage plan and want to speak with licensed Kaiser Permanente WA representative:

1-800-581-8252 (TTY 711)

For eligibility and enrollment questions:
Visit the PEBB website

Provider Directories

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