Kaiser Permanente Washington launches boldly statewide

Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care organizations, and its award-winning model of care and coverage is well-known in many parts of the United States. Now that Kaiser Permanente has expanded into Washington, we want to make sure everyone here knows about it, too. On March 6, we unveiled the new Kaiser Permanente name throughout our system, and we launched a large-scale brand advertising campaign to introduce the organization to the Washington market.

A campaign designed for impact

You may have already heard one of our new Kaiser Permanente ads on the radio or seen one on TV. Our integrated campaign is now running at full speed, spanning virtually all channels for maximum reach. We’ve invested significantly in this brand launch so that we can get our name out there and hit the ground running in our sales and retention efforts this year. Media include TV, video, radio, streaming, out of home (billboards and transportation), print, online, social, and paid search.

The campaign’s approach is simple yet bold, so that consumers will quickly become familiar with the Kaiser Permanente name, logo, signature blue, and most importantly, the message that we are about total health for everyone. “We’re for every body” is the phrase that brings it home, and the ads you’ll see in print and online feature people from different walks of life, of different ages, and different physical abilities.


Television spots showcase some of our greatest strengths

  • “My Future” highlights our commitment to prevention and our successful health outcomes.
  • “Roomies” shows what it’s like to get care at Kaiser Permanente, with a whole health care team supporting you.

Ads drive audiences to our new landing page, kp.org/hellowashington, where people can dive deeper into what Kaiser Permanente is all about.

Our brand launch campaign supports producers, too. As Marketing, Sales, & Business Development Vice President Joe Smith explains, “Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing producers the information and tools they need to work with our mutual customers as we launch our brand in the Washington market. We really want consumers and employers to understand who we are and get excited along with us. Our goal is for clients to come to producers already knowing who Kaiser Permanente is and ready to consider offering Kaiser Permanente to their employees.”

You can also help spread the good news about Kaiser Permanente launching in Washington. Take a look at our social media instructions and join in the excitement.

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