Getting Your Injured Workers Back On The Job Quickly

An office worker twists to retrieve a report from the bottom drawer and wrenches her back. A construction worker falls from a ladder and injures a leg. A code writer develops carpal tunnel syndrome. None of these employees is sick, but all need occupational health services to get injured workers back on the job quickly.

A firefighter has to take an employment exam. A commercial driver needs to take a required drug test. A biotech worker needs to receive critical immunizations. These employees also need occupational services to get or stay on the job.

In all cases, employers are able to turn to Kaiser Permanente occupational health services.


The Two Sides of Kaiser Permanente Occupational Health Services

Accidents—and injuries happen. Some are minor, some more severe. Employees suffer from broken bones, wrenched backs, and worse. Employers’ productivity also takes a hit. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median number of days missed from work due to occupational injury and illness for 2014 was nine. Anything that can be done to shorten that time frame is welcome by both employees and employers.

For those injuries that prevent workers from returning to the job right away, there’s Kaiser Permanente occupational health services. We’ve been on the job for 30 years helping employees like yours get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. As one of only six Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) in Washington State, we employ best practices and work effectively to improve worker health and reduce disability.



Not every employer, however, has work-related injuries. But many still need occupational health resources. That’s why we also provide the exams, screenings, and immunizations necessary to complete any required employment process.

Services include pre-placement and post-offer physical exams, firefighter and law enforcement exams, and commercial driver physicals. In addition, we offer respiratory clearance, drug and alcohol screens, immunizations, material exposure exams, and more.

Available to All Your Employees

Washington state allows workers injured on the job to choose any provider. Your employees don’t have to be Kaiser Permanente members to receive treatment at one of our occupational health clinics. All are welcome.

Kaiser Permanente board-certified occupational medicine physicians and specially trained providers are all part of the state’s Department of Labor and Industries’ Medical Provider Network (MPN). This is important because, while injured workers can see any doctor for their initial visit, ongoing visits must be with an MPN provider.

Our occupational medicine teams operate out of 12 Kaiser Permanente medical office locations, from Seattle to Spokane, Everett to Olympia. Your workers can receive all their care—work-related injury treatment, physical therapy, X-ray, lab, and pharmacy needs—all under one roof. The easier and more convenient care is to receive, the quicker healing takes place.

In short, from injury-related care to employment process services, we provide whatever you need to make sure your employees are cleared for work.

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