A fond farewell from the director of Producer Relations

Lonnie Goodell, Director, Group Health Producer Relations and Small Business Group

Lonnie Goodell, Director, Group Health Producer Relations and Small Group

by Lonnie Goodell, Director, Producer Relations and Small Group

As many of you now know, I’ll be retiring at the end of March. I’ve had 22 memorable, productive, and fulfilling years with Group Health, and a couple of very busy and exciting months with Kaiser Permanente.

We’ve come a long way—with your help—to get to this point. One of the most memorable moments in my tenure as the director of Producer Relations came a handful of years ago at our Producer Symposium. More than 800 of you made your way to the Washington State Convention Center to hear Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna speak. The conversation was substantive and your attention and strong attendance clearly indicated that we’d made great strides in the market and in our relationship with you. I’m proud of that moment in particular—and of many others before and since then.

It takes a village

The success I’ve been a part of is largely due to the great team I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. I want to specifically acknowledge Kelly Chrisman, our manager of Producer Relations, who has worked alongside me for many years. She’s a huge part of the achievements we’ve seen, and the reason I’ve enjoyed my time here so much. As I move on to a new phase of my life, Kelly will be doing the same here with Kaiser Permanente; going forward she will focus solely on Small Group. I know you will continue to enjoy working with her, and that she’ll do great things.

My departure and Kelly’s new role likely have you wondering who will be your Producer Relations partner at Kaiser Permanente. I’m very happy that Suellen Cholvin, whom many of you have had the pleasure of working with, will be overseeing and further organizing Producer Relations. Suellen has been with the organization for 21 years and has a breadth and depth of knowledge that will serve her — and you — well. She is a strong and capable leader, and she brings new energy to this work at just the right time. She’ll add to our current momentum with her own team. She’ll share information about her new Producer Relations team in the coming months.

Some final thoughts

I’ve reached a time in my life when I feel like I’m ready for the next adventure. Despite all of the great things and excitement that Kaiser Permanente is bringing to Washington, it’s simply the time for me to step into my next chapter.

I will miss working with everyone, but I’m looking forward to traveling and volunteering — and to not driving between Seattle and Tacoma anymore! I have really appreciated the support and the partnership of my team here and from all of you out there over the last 22 years, and it has been my sincere pleasure to work with you. Thank you.

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