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Why choose Kaiser Permanente?

Because health care isn’t an industry. It’s a cause.

Kaiser Permanente was founded on the radically simple idea that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life. To help you do that, we’re offering high-quality care and coverage from one place.

As a member, you’re at the center of everything we do—from to creating a mobile app to help you stay on top of your health to pioneering new ways to treat cancer. We’re all in this together. And together, we thrive.


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Our entire approach to health care is centered on one goal: helping you live long and thrive. So we’re dedicated to offering you the best health plans and best health care for the best value.

Plan Highlights

  • The top-performing health plan in the country.1
  • The top-rated plan for helping members to get and stay healthy.
  • Thousands of doctors,2 including hundreds who practice with Washington Permanente Medical Group, the top-ranked medical group in the state.3
  • The more you use Kaiser Permanente doctors and facilities, the lower your total cost of care will be.

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Call us toll-free at 1-855-407-0900, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (Pacific Time). Or email us.



  1. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington’s (formerly named Group Health Cooperative) commercial HMO rated the top health plan in the United States in the 2016 eValue8™ survey. Managed by the National Business Coalition on Health, eValue8 is an evidenced-based resource created by business coalitions and employers like Marriott and General Motors to measure and evaluate health plan performance.
  2. OIC Provider Network Form A
  3. Washington Health Alliance, 2016 Community Checkup; Ranking applies to then Group Health Cooperative’s medical group, formerly named Group Health Permanente, P.C. and now named Washington Permanente Medical Group, P.C.