Access improvements for parents of teenagers

Parental Access UpdatesWhen our members talk, we listen. The result is continuous improvement that optimizes the member experience. The latest is enhanced access for parents and legal guardians to certain parts of a teen’s secure online Kaiser Permanente account.

In April, we made the following services available to parents and legal guardians of teens 13 through 17 who receive care at Kaiser Permanente Washington medical offices:

  1. Securely email a teen’s providers
  2. Access to a teen’s immunization records (with the exception of the HPV vaccine, which will not show up for parents regardless of whether a teen has had the vaccine, or whether the vaccine was visible to them prior to their child turning 13)

Parents with established parental access will receive a secure message shortly before a child turns 13 explaining how the service is changing. Additionally, although teens do not have access to our online scheduling feature, there is an option for an adult member to schedule an appointment for their teen through their own account.

Why parental access changes as a child ages

When a child turns 13, privacy laws in Washington state make certain issues confidential between teens and their health care providers. These issues are: chemical dependency and mental health, and sexual and reproductive health. These laws are meant to encourage teens to openly discuss issues with their doctors and other providers, but have made it difficult for us to allow parental access to certain parts of a teen’s online account and not others.

Here’s how parental access looks as a child ages:

  • Birth through age 12: A parent or legal guardian can request access to all of a child’s online medical record.
  • Age 13 through 17: Parental access is limited. It includes but is limited to secure messaging and immunization records (except for the HPV vaccine).
  • Age 18: Parental access ceases once a teen legally becomes an adult.

How members get access to their teen’s account

  1. Parents who already have online access for a child under age 13.
    • These parents will continue to have access to secure email and immunization records once their child turns 13. No action is needed.
  2. Parents who lost access, hadn’t established parental access prior to April, or parents of new Kaiser Permanente teen members older than 13.
    • Access can be established via this request form.

The parental access request form can be submitted in person, at the business desk of any Kaiser Permanente medical office.

We’re happy to be able to meet the requests of our members and offer some access to teen records. If your clients have questions about parental access and the new changes, you can refer them to this web page for answers.

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